Oilfield Data is our bread and butter.

Superstar Software

What We Do

We are drilling engineers who make software. Not just software engineers.

We understand the needs of our clients. Often, they have a vision of what they could do if they digitised their business, but don't know how to get there. We can help.

Digitising Processes

Still relying on spreadsheets or clunky enterprise software for your well delivery process? File management? Lessons Learned? Project management / oversight? Competency management?
We transform traditional business processes into intuitive software solutions.

Data / Performance Analysis

You've never seen anything like our oilfield data analysis. We efficiently extract insights from your data that you didn't even know was possible. Operations? Engineering? Cost control? We've got you covered.

Engineering Analysis and Modelling

We were drilling and oilfield engineers before we were software engineers. Well control, directional drilling, casing design, stress analysis? No problem. We can analyse your data, and build you the tools you need.

Drilling Data Mining as a Service

Need offset well studies, or lesson indexes compiled, but have limited resources? We have the systems and the knowledge to rapidly and consistently build comprehensive reviews. We do the dogsbody work, so your team can focus on the important stuff.

Data Mining Systems

Our systems make it easy to review vast amounts of data like offset wells, and extract the information you need. We can tailor our systems for your own data.

AI / Machine Learning Solutions

AI is powerful, but it's not always appropriate - be careful with what you pay for. We frequently incorporate it into our systems in a number of ways. Assisting with textual analysis of decades of drilling operations? Document searches? (We can demonstrate how Oilfield Superstar. works, if you're interested.)

Software Integration Services

Need to make sense of the data coming from your rigs, platforms, and all your engineering teams? We can seamlessly connect your existing software systems, and present the data in a form that is intuitive and valuable.

Custom Reporting & Dashboard Development

The dashboards we make are actually useful! We understand what data you need to see, and present it in a way that is intuitive and valuable.

General Software Consulting/Advisory

There are a lot of software developers who don't understand how the industry works. We do. We can help you navigate the minefield of software development, and make sure you get what you need.

Oilfield Superstar

Our oilfield-specific AI knowledge base. Speak to us and we can use it to illustrate how AI works (and when it's suitable) via its back-end processes.
Try Oilfield Superstar.

Who we are

Software + Drilling.

Superstar Software started by accident.

The founder (Paul) worked as a drilling engineer (deepwater/ frontier/ exploration) for a number of years (doing programming on the side since 2004). Fed up with working away all the time, he started a small manufacturing business.

The products and machinery were low-tech, but the business administration was definitely not. All aspects of the business (including accounting, marketing, production, and the factory floor) were automated and integrated using bespoke systems, such that the business was run from a laptop.

The system was hugely effective in freeing up time to spend on other projects, which included converting the production management part of the system into an off-the-shelf product: Factory Superstar.

He sold the manufacturing business to focus on software/data, and found a demand for the other less-defined services that we had developed back in the drilling industry: an amalgam of traditional and software-driven engineering, focussed ultimately on improving business efficiency and growth.

Now, we are a small and flexible team of drilling engineers and software developers who specialise in bespoke software and data services for the upstream oil industry.

We know the oilfield. We're great with data. We understand the problems you face when digitising. We have a track record of solving them.

If you need to digitise your business, even especially if you don't know where to start, get in touch.

Our solutions are light years ahead of the competition.